It took me way too many drafts to write this. I didn't know if I should be positive about the great things that happened in 2020, or if I should be real about the hardships we all faced. And as I bounced back and forth a few times, I realize this is exactly what life is like; a mix of highs and lows, with hopefully more good times than bad. For me, (and I'm sure for most of you) it was not by any means the year I had hoped for. It's been a roller coaster that included moments when we didn't know if we'd make it to the end of the year, others when we didn't know how to get all the work done and just about everything in between. This year, we were able to see so many families and couples fight to celebrate the good moments despite the hard ones. We saw couples postpone, or reduce their weddings because of a pandemic and still stay hopeful and excited about their wedding day. We saw families have to share what should be time together through a Zoom or FaceTime call. And because of that we didn't take lightly the responsibility to capture the moments that were celebrated in whatever way they could be celebrated. Honestly, we wouldn't be the same people and we wouldn't have gotten through 2020 had it not been for all the laughs, tears, and hugs we got to see through our cameras. And for that we're extremely grateful to all of you.

We don't want to jinx it so we'll just kindly ask... 2021, please go easy on us. Happy New Year Everyone!

-Moses + Steph

One more thing..

This and every year for the last 12 years would be impossible to get through without the person that has encouraged me, critiqued me, motivated me and harshly but lovingly reminded me to never settle. My WAYYYYY better half.. My wife Steph. Quarantine was the only way for me to eliminate her excuses of letting me photograph her. 😍