Your Ceremony

Your ceremony is one of the most intimate, if not the most intimate part of your wedding day. And of course the reason why all of your friends and family are gathering on this day. And because of its importance, I wanted to put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your ceremony images.


The most important thing we want to see is faces. Not just yours, but also your guests. Consider having an unplugged ceremony and having your officiant announce for your guests to be present, enjoy the ceremony and be part of it.  Now of course of all the faces there, we definitely want to see yours. So one tip is to think about your decorations and where you'll be standing and facing. Not just for the photos, but also for your guests. Take some time and talk to your decorator to make sure that you're not designing a setup that will hide you from your guests. And specifically for brides, if your hair will be down, or covering one side of your face, choose to stand on the side that allows your face to show for your guests. 


Every ceremony is different and it's very common to include or exclude traditions based on your preferences. We feel that the ceremony is so intimate and sacred so we definitely don't want to interfere or direct anything during your ceremony. But we want to make sure we're prepared to capture everything that's important to you. So Once you've decided how your ceremony will go, make sure to relay that information to your photographer and cinematographer to help us have the best possibility of capturing those moments.


I've been to quite a few ceremonies and one thing I've learned is that every location is going to have different rules that they expect us to follow. Some locations give you more freedom to move around and some locations, mostly churches, are much more strict in regards to when and where we can photograph or film. Even within the same church, some officiants will be more lenient than others. My recommendation is that you speak to the church about the rules and then relay that to your photographer and cinematographer. This way there are no surprises on your wedding day.


Again, we feel that the ceremony is so intimate and sacred that we don't want to interfere in any way. Even though the ceremony is organized and planned, I always encourage couples to really be present and feel every moment of your ceremony and to go through the ceremony as if it wasn't being filmed or photographed. We want you to be you, we want you to really feel and experience these moments, and the more you do that, the more you'll love your photos of your ceremony.