Why Albums Matter

Your wedding happened. It was one of the best, if not the best, day of your life! You danced the night away, you felt an overwhelming love from every person in every possible way, your guests celebrated you and the start of a life as one with your new spouse! You've just made some of the most incredible memories.

You've also just finished one of the biggest projects you've ever worked on. For months and months, you've planned every detail of your wedding. You've envisioned every moment that had meaning to you. And your investments in photography are to ensure that the memories of one of the greatest days of your life were captured both meaningfully and artistically. The story that these images create represent the start of your marriage and contain the story of your love; which is why we believe it's so important to create an album that contains that story.  

Your album will be your new family's FIRST heirloom. At Moses Cruz Photography we want to help you design and compose your story, preserve this story in an elegant album and ensure that your images and your unique story are cherished and shared in the most timeless way possible.

What we do

Our process is simple and guided. Our intention is to deliver an album with the most important moments and the most beautiful portrait that tell the story of your wedding day. Since we were there with you on your wedding day and we've been looking at your images for hours to make them perfect, we take the burden off of you and start with the Pre-Design. This is the first draft of your album created by us to represent the full story of your wedding day as we captured it. We'll typically over-design the first draft with more spreads (2 pages = 1 spread) than were included in your original album and your first glimpse will be your full wedding day story. From this point, we work together to customize your album layout to include what's most important to you. Finally, we'll present you a variety of material for you to select your favorite. With your prompt input, your album can be in your hands in as little as 6 weeks from the time we start the design! At the end of our process we'd love for you to join us to view your album together in our office, or you can opt to have it shipped directly to you!

What We Offer

To make sure we're building the album of your dreams, we work with an album manufacturer that has a variety of sizes, covers, materials and add-ons. And of course, stunning quality. Albums have a minimum of 20 pages and can be customized to add exactly the number of spreads you'd need and want for your personal wedding story. Each design is printed directly onto your album pages allowing the design to span the entire spread, edge to edge when you're viewing your album pages. Duplicate and custom albums for parents are available with a variety of options.

The Timeline & The Details

To give you the clearest view of the process, we've layout out the entire journey with the details of what to expect below

  • STEP 1 - Album Design is Ready - The very first step is the pre-design that we'll prepare for you. This will be a custom design and full wedding story of all the best moments and portraits of your wedding that together create your wedding day story. Typically, the pre-design will contain between 30-40 spreads (60-80 pages)
  • STEP 2 - Album Design Reveal - Once the design is ready we'll email you a link to schedule the big reveal. We're also going to include a list of limited time offers for pages and add-ons that you can purchase at a discount. These will be available from the day you receive the notification to schedule your call until 7 days after the reveal.
  • STEP 3 - Revisions - From the day of your album reveal, we'll have 30 days to complete any changes you'd like for the album. During this time, we will prioritize your album to try to get it completed as soon as possible. We have 2 rounds of revisions included in our process. If you need more revisions, there is a fee of $100 per list of revisions. If you need more time than the 30 days to review and consider changes, you can absolutely take more time, however we may not be able to prioritize your revisions until our off season (usually winter). Once we've completed the revisions and you're approved the design, we can move to the materials selection stage!
  • STEP 4 - Materials Selection - The final step before placing your order is selecting materials and add-ons. We highly recommend doing this stage in person. We'd LOVE to have you come by our home office to see and feel every option we have available. We can accommodate an online meeting, however sizes, colors, and textures may translate differently when viewed over a video call as opposed to in-person.
  • STEP 5 - IT'S HERE! - We would love to see you one more time to be able to put your album directly into your hands and see your very first impression to the beautiful heirloom we've helped you build. You also have the option of having the album shipped to you.

Deadlines and Schedules

Our goal is to have your perfect album in your hands as soon as we can. We also want to make sure that we give you enough time to consider options and the design without delaying the process. Here are some deadlines and timing details to consider through the process.

  • Discounts and Incentives - We will offer a set of discounts on everything available to you from the day you receive the notification that your album design is ready until 7 days after the online reveal. After 7 days, the discounts will no longer be available and any additional purchases will be at regular pricing.
  • Revisions - Your album will be in our high priority queue for 30 days starting on the day of your reveal. During this time, we'll process and upload your revisions for your review within 48 hours of your submission (excluding weekends). After the 30 day priority period revisions will be process based on our availability. This likely means we'll pick up again after our busy season which tends to be in the winter months
  • Forfeiture - We have one year from your wedding day to complete your album if the process extends outside of our 30-day priority period. If the album is not completed by this date, it would be considered forfeited. Reinstating your album after the forfeiture will be subject to an unarchiving fee as well as any price increases to the original product(s) originally included.

Pricing and Fees

Below is a list of upgrade and add-on prices. These are regular prices and do not reflect discounts and incentives that may be available at the time of your album build.

Album Selections

  • Additional Spreads (1 spread = 2 adjacent pages) - $125 ea
  • Upgrade to the next size - $300
  • Standard Covers - included
  • Velvet Cover - $250
  • Acrylic Cover - $250
  • Standard Wrap Material - Included
  • Luxury Wrap Material - $100

Add - Ons

  • Wood box w/ engraving - $250
  • Acrylic cover box - $300
  • Enclosed Companion Box - $300 -
  • Matches Album Wrap Material
  • Embossing Available on Select Materials
  • Parent albums
  • $650 for 8x6 Duplicate albums - No Alterations or Customizations
  • Flat Rate regardless of how many pages are added to the main album
  • $800 for 11x8 Duplicate albums - No Alterations or Customizations
  • Flat Rate regardless of how many pages are added to the main album


  • Revisions (Above the 2 included revisions) - $100 per round of revisions
  • Reactivation - $500 if your album has passed the forfeiture date.