What time should I

start getting Ready

Typically getting dress is the last thing you do before you leave, but for a wedding, there are still a lot to do between the time you start getting dressed and the time you need to start heading out or move to the next event. The easiest way to figure out what time to get dressed is to work backwards from the time you need to leave to the next location.

For brides you’ll want to start getting into your dress about 45-60 minutes before you leave. This will allow time for the finishing touches to be photographed such as putting on your jewelry and shoes, as well as a few portraits of yourself and maybe even a few family photos with parents before you head to your next destination. When scheduling hair and makeup, make sure to let them know what time you need to be in your dress as well as the time you plan on leaving. This way they know the goal is for hair and makeup to be done by the time you set for getting dressed, not the time you set to leave.

For grooms, you’ll want to start getting dressed about 30 minutes before you're supposed to leave. Now, I know you guys can usually get ready in a few minutes, but keep in mind that on your wedding day your photographer is going to want to slow things down and capture the details of you putting on your cufflinks, your tie, your shoes, and anything else that adds to that section of the day. 

Here’s one more tip for brides and grooms. Communicate your schedule to anyone you want to include in these photos. As a bride you might want mom or a bridesmaid to be the one helping with those finishing touches. As a groom you might want dad or your best man to be the one helping you. You’re going to want anyone who's going to be in the photos to be present at that time and dressed for each of the sections where they are going to be included. So make sure to communicate the schedule and explain the expectations.