Editing vs Retouching

One of the things we STRIVE to provide for everyone we work with is clarity. Photography is such a big industry and terms are often used in different ways leaving much to interpretation. Specifically with post-processing (any of the work done to a photo after it's taken), Editing and Retouching seem to at times be used interchangeably. The simplest explanation is that editing enhances an image without altering it. Retouching includes alterations like removal, replacing, or reshaping of something in an image. Below are some more detailed examples of what's included in Editing.


We edit every photo that we send to a client. To be specific, there is a list of steps we take for EVERY photo we deliver. All these are included at no additional cost:

  • CULL - Select all the photos to be delivered. Remove duplicates, out of focus images, test images, images where someone blinked or looks unflattering.
  • ADJUST EXPOSURE - Correct the brightness of each photo.
  • COLOR TEMPERATURE - Adjust the color of the images to make sure it matches the desired look
  • CROP/STRAIGHTEN - If an images is slightly tilted or we need to zoom in to remove distractions
  • APPLY SIGNATURE LOOK - After all the above is completed, we add my own custom look to the images.


Our goal is to try to get the best images possible while photographing by focusing on proper posing and lighting, and remaining aware of expressions and avoiding any distracting elements in the backgrounds. Because of this, we usually don't receive more than 5 retouching requests per year. Retouching is done at client request. The fee would vary on the complexity or level or retouching needed, but starts at $25 per image. Some examples of retouching are the following