Engagement Session Locations

We're often asked what location we'd recommend for an engagement session. One of the goals we have as photographers is to make sure that your images represent you. Choosing a location that fits your preferences, personalities and maybe even some history can be a really great way to add a personal touch to your images. Here are some of the locations I've used for my couples. Feel free to look through, and hopefully this can provide some inspiration for selecting a location that you will work for you!


Although we do have some recommended locations that are within the area we cover at no additional cost, you are absolutely welcomed and encouraged to use the location that suits your style and vision best. We're always looking forward to photographing a new locations and making sure that we can create something unique for you. Locations outside of the area we. cover will have a travel fee depending on distance.

Skylands Manor

Skylands Manor has quickly become one of our favorite locations to photograph. The location is HUGE and has incredible greenery, as well as beautiful structures like the castle, the reflection pond, and stone stairs. Aside from this, the property is at the top of a mountain which makes sunset absolutely stunning! For us, it's a bit of a drive but has always been absolutely worth it.

Permit/Travel Fee | $100

Sara + Alex

Kristy + James

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Princeton University

This is one of my most requested locations. With a relatively accessible location in Central NJ, Princeton University provides easy access to a location with quite a bit of variety. Aside from all the paths, beautiful buildings, and stone structures, we have the option of capturing a "Small-town feel" just a block away at Palmer Square. Ideally weekday evening would be our best bet to avoid crowds. Check out a few of the sessions I've done at Princeton University.

Katherine + Geoff

Erica + Chris

Nayyereh + Sanjay

Exchange Place, Jersey City

Exchange Place in Jersey City is one of my favorite locations. It's definitely a location that lends itself to an edgier look and provides quite the wide variety of colors and textures from cobblestone streets to brick buildings to columns and stone walls. Exchanges Place has some pretty cool elements that help create some beautiful images, one of which of course is its incredible view to the City. Check out some of the sessions I've done at Exchange Place and Jersey City

Stephanie + Landy

Irene + Minas

Deena + Rick

The Art Factory, Paterson NJ

The Art Factory is absolutely one of the most unique locations we get to photograph. Some of the things we LOVE about the Art Factory are the size of the location, the variety of textures (old wood and brick) and the character of the entire place. I've been there multiple times and find new things to photograph EVERY TIME! Additionally it's one of the few places that will give you indoor and outdoor options in case of inclement weather.

Photography Session Fee | $100 per person onsite

Sal + Mo

Jill + Joel

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Liberty State Park, Jersey City NJ

Liberty State Park is a very popular location for session. It's beautiful, provides a bit of variety with brick textures and some greenery and trees. At the right time of the year you might even catch the Cherry Blossoms. Two of the great features it has are the old train station and the view to the NYC Skyline. As popular as it is, we recommend only photographing this location on weekdays. On weekends Liberty State Park tends to get pretty full making it difficult to find locations where we can avoid too many people in our images. Check out some of my Liberty State Park engagement sessions below!

Anjelica + Manloi

Jasmine + Jorge

Shannon + Eric

Van der Goot Rose Garden, Franklin Township NJ

Van der Goot Rose Garden is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL little park with some really unique things about it. This park has a few different color cottages, a small bridge, beautiful trees, a small rose garden. So many options for beautiful backdrops. In addition, the light here is gorgeous especially around sunset. In our experience, this has not been a crowded location and we've easily been able to use the areas without interference.


Brittany + Eban

Briana + Jude

Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken is another one of the city-like locations in NJ that we love for engagement sessions. It actually has quite a few similarities to the areas in Jersey City that we love to photograph. The textures, the buildings, cobblestone streets like the one pictured here. One difference is the piers which look like parks that are right at the water's edge. It's another great way to incorporate the city look while taking advantage of the view to NYC's Skyline. Check out a couple of my Hoboken engagement sessions below

Aleks + Boris

Julia + Mike

Aiyana + Brian

Sterlingbrook Farm, Pittstown NJ

This little farm is a hidden gem! We had the opportunity to photograph here a couple of times. The location includes a beautiful rustic barn which we can sometimes gain access to use inside, wooden fences, some hills. It's just so charming. Check out some of the sessions I've done here

PRIVATE PROPERTY | Permission Required

Xufin + Kevin

Deanna + Cody

Redbank NJ

Riverside Gardens Park and Downtown Redbank NJ. It's easy to get the best of both of these locations in one session since they are just a couple of short blocks away from each other. Riverside Gardens gives you the greenery, and the look and light you'd generally get at a waterside park while Downtown Redbank gives you some small town charm with streets full of mom n' pop shops and restaurants. Check out a few of the sessions I've done here!

Tiffany + Rob

Courtney + Joe

Willowwood Arboretum

I've only been to Willowwood Arboretum once and fell in love. Such a beautiful mix of nature and rustic textures. There are some open fields, paths, old structures, and a barn. But all of this with some beautiful light can make an incredibly romantic setting for a couple. Check out the session below to see more.

Permit Required with $450 Fee.

Ricky + Christina

Asbury Park, Asbury NJ

Asbury Park is a super popular location. It's not hard to see what makes this location so appealing for photos. The boardwalk, stores, restaurants, the beach, the casino pier, wall murals.. There is so much to use! The downside? It's pretty popular. So it's highly recommended to use this location on weekdays only. Weekends bring in a ton of beach goers which could make it impossible to find parking and locations to photograph. But on a weekday the variety of images we can create is well worth it. Check out a session done at Asbury Park below.

Brianna + Jesse

Alexa + Bobby

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn. We think just the word itself says everything you need to know about photographing in this location. But let's elaborate anyway. This is definitely for anyone that love the city feel. Brooklyn Bridge Park provides an incredible view to the bridge as well as some paths, Jane's Carousel, and quick access to cobblestone streets. One of the best things about city locations is that they usually work just as beautifully after sunset when we can incorporate the city lights. It truly is an iconic location for a session. Check out a couple of the sessions I've done in Brooklyn!

Travel Fee | $100

Jennifer + Eddie

Tin + Jake

Danny + Cindy

Cross Estate Gardens, Bernardsville NJ

Cross Estate Garden is somewhat of a hidden gem. An open field with gorgeous light, a pergola wrapped in vines and a beautiful garden carved with paths. Even the gravel road leading up to the estate provides an incredible view. It definitely sets the tone of romance in nature. As always, we recommend starting about an hour and a half before sunset, particularly at a place like this where the sun coming over the trees makes some pretty spectacular light.

Nicole + Ryan

Kaitlyn + Nick

Erica + Tyler


There are a couple of beaches that I've photographed but here are two that stand out. Sandy Hook and Island Beach State Park. Sandy Hook has a bit more variety with the old bunkers, some paved roads, and the old Battery Structures. But both have AMAZING sunsets and if you head to the right spot, you can be secluded enough to have the beach to yourself.

Patty + Morgan - Sandy Hook

Brittany + Pat - Island Beach

Erin + Chris - Island Beach