I had an opportunity that's somewhat rare for me. Gabrielle and Sean are an awesome couple who have been married for months. These lovely people had their wedding in South Carolina and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding. Now I wasn't there but I've seen the pictures, and as always the most beautiful thing about weddings is the love and the people that surround you. Now, weddings have a chaotic nature in that there are so many things coming together for one extremely complicated but always beautiful day. Sometimes this means that you don't get as much photo time as you'd hoped. Now that they are in NJ, Gabrielle and Sean reached out to me for a portrait session. It was the most perfect day with perfect light, and by the way these two looked at each other, you'd swear this was their wedding day! We spent some time at the Great Swamp Reserve photographing, made some beautiful images without the hectic wedding day schedule. It's not easy to take a whole separate day for more pictures, but it was definitely worth it!